Implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

The first WHO Global Public Health Treaty - The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) - has been adopted by 40 countries. In accordance with the provisions of the Convention the Treaty entered into force for the first 40 Contracting Parties on Sunday, 27 February 2005.

For this important occasion a ceremony was held in the WHO headquarters in Geneva on 28th February 2005 where WHO Member States’ Contracting Parties to the WHO FCTC and all other WHO Member States and regional economic integration organizations were invited.

ICOH have been contributing in the FCTC development and implementation with many initiatives including the output of the network of tobacco free workplaces.

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Report of the Conference on “Environment and Reproduction”

The Italian Society of Reproductive Toxicology in collaboration with the Scientific Committee on Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace organized a Conference on the theme “Environment and Reproduction” in the University of Chieti School of Medicine on April 2-3, 2004.

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Report on the who framework convention on tobacco control (FCTC), 4th intergovernmental negotiating body (INB4) Geneva 18-23 March 2002

On the basis of existing data, the 52nd World Health Assembly recognized that tobacco use worldwide results in millions of deaths. The projection to 2030 estimates 10 million deaths, 70% of which occur in developing countries if the pandemic is not controlled. The WHO as chair of the task force deals with the negotiations on the worldˇäs first legally enforceable treaty on tobacco control. It is the intention of WHO to finalize in a few years time such an international convention.

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Asbestos and Public Health - the International Dimension

The meeting was chaired by Tony Fletcher of LSHTM and Laurie Kazan-Allen of the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat. The group of speakers were en route to Brussels for a meeting on Asbestos at the European Parliament with the 13 applicant countries to the EU.

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ICOH Network on Tobacco free workplaces

The following is a proposed position of ICOH to support the global effort to achieve tobacco-free workplaces.

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