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22-25 August 2017 - University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark

International Scientific Conference and Workshop on Occupational Health and Safety in Formal and Informal Mining

Organized by: ICOH SC MinOSH and NIVA (Advanced education in occupational health)
Supported by: International Social Security Agency Mining Section (ISSA Mining), Department of Clinical Research University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Greenland Center for Health Research, Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA), Danish Society for Occupational and Environmental Medicine (DASAM), Clinic of Occupational Medicine Odense University Hospital (AMK-OUH), Department of Pulmonary Medicine Odense University Hospital, Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB), NGO Dilogos
Co-sponsored by ICOH SC: SCOHSSEIS, SC Industrial Hygiene
Organized by SC: SC Mining Occupational Safety and Health (MinOSH)

Topics: (22nd to 24th of August) Surveillance, diagnosis and prevention of occupational diseases and injuries Occupational diseases in Mining - Noise induced hearing loss, musculoskeletal disorders, pulmonary diseases, stress, toxic effects of hazardous substances (e.g. heavy metals, chemical, dusts), cancer Special health issues affecting women and children in Mining - Intoxication, adverse effects on reproductive health and early-life development, child labour Community health - Effects of pollution and exposure to hazardous substances in mining communities, worldwide Working conditions and safety in formal and informal Mining Workshop Topics (24th to 25th of August) The workshops will provide in-depth information (theoretical and practical) on some of the more relevant issues in OHS in mining, by means of sharing experiences, case studies and practical guidelines for prevention. Pneumoconiosis Toxic effects of exposure to heavy metals Practical tools and methods for prevention

Contact Information
Address: Clinic of Occupational Medicine, Odense University Hospital Sdr. Boulevar 29 5000 Odense C, Denmark
Tel: 004551325374
E-mail: erik.joers@rsyd.dk
Website: www.niva.org/conference/mining and www.icoh-minosh.com

28 - 31 August 2017 - EICC in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

EPICOH 2017 Conference - Eliminating Occupational Risk : Translating Research into Action

Organized by: Prof. Damien McElvenny, Prof. John Cherrie
Sponsored by: Institute of Occupational Medicine
Supported by: Institute of Occupational Medicine
Co-sponsored by ICOH SC: EPICOH
Organized by SC: EPICOH

Topics: Eliminating Occupational Risk: Translating Research into Action

Contact Information
Address: Institute of Occupational Medicine Research Avenue North Riccarton Edinburgh EH14 4AP
Tel: +0131 449 8029
Fax: +0131 449 8084
E-mail: Grant.Law@iom-world.org
Website: http://www.epicoh2017.org

29 August - 1 September 2017 - Mexico City, Mexico

6th International Congress of Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors (ICOH-WOPS 2017)

Organized by: Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexican Social Security Institute, Autonomous University of Morelos State
Sponsored by: ICOH-Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors Scientific Committee ICOH-Mexico PAHO-WHO STyFE-Department of Labor and Employment Promotion of Mexico City ALSO, Latinoamerican Association of Occupational Health Ramazzini Society of Mxico
Supported by: Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexican Social Security Institute, Autonomous University of Morelos State
Organized by SC: ICOH-Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors Scientific Committee

Topics: CALL FOR PAPERS EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 15th 2017 Topics: The conference theme is "For dignified and psychosocially healthy work" as this is a goal to achieve in most countries because of deteriorated working conditions due to the negative impacts of a globalized economy. The list of topics can be consulted at: http://condor.zaragoza.unam.mx/wops/index.php/index/index/about Key speakers: -Dra. Marisa Salanova "Promotion of healthy organization, and wellness" -Prof. Johannes Siegrist, PhD "ERI and health across different continents" Viviola Gomez Ortiz, PhD "A review of Latinamerican research on psychosocial factors" Peter Kelly, Professor "A practitioners journey: lessons learnt from a national approach to tacking psychosocial risk"

Contact Information
Address: Batalla 5 de Mayo, Edificio de Posgrado, Iztapalapa, Ciudad de Mxico 09110
Tel : +52 56 23 07 08 ext. 106
E-mail: wops2017@gmail.com
Website: http://condor.zaragoza.unam.mx/wops/index.php/index/index/index/index

3-6 September 2017 - Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017

Organized by: International Labour Organization (ILO), International Social Security Association (ISSA) and the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Topics: Vision Zero - From vision to reality, Healthy work - Healthy Life , People-centered prevention

Contact Information
Tel: 64116690
E-mail: secretariat@safety2017singapore.com
Website: www.safety2017singapore.com

13-15 September 2017 - Vienna, Austria

45th International MEDICHEM Congress 2017

Organized by: Health- and Prevention Center Sanatorium Hera Vienna; Medichem
Sponsored by: AUVA/br> Supported by: AUVA,KFA, GA,YOUNION

Topics: Occupational Carcinogens

Contact Information
Address: Lassallestrasse 3, 1020 Wien
Tel: +43 1 588 00 534
E-mail: medichem@austropa.at
Website: http://medichem2017.eu

1-4 October 2017 - Naples, Italy

10th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring in Occupational and Environmental health (ISBM -10)

Organized by: ICOH SC on Occupational Toxicology (SCOT)
Sponsored by: University of Naples, Federico II
Co-sponsored by ICOH SC: ICOH Scientific Committees on Toxicology of Metals and Nanomaterial Workers' Health

Topics:Topics of ISBM-10 will include, but not be limited to, new and traditional biomarkers, new analytical techniques and approaches, results of case and field studies of occupational and environmental exposures and development of strategies and guidance to correctly use, interpret and manage biological monitoring data. Great emphasis will be given to the use of biological monitoring as a tool to identify, monitor and control chemical exposures and for the risk assessment and management of occupational and environmental chemicals, particularly from new technologies, including metals, solvents, pesticides and nanomaterials.

Contact Information
Address: Via G. Quagliariello 27, 80131 Napoli
Tel: +39 081.19578490
Fax: +39 081.19578071
E-mail: info@centercongressi.com
Website: http://www.centercongressi.com/isbm10

For more information please click here.

11-13 October 2017 - Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

XV Latin American Congress of Occupational Health -ALSO- 2017

Organized by: Association of Occupational Health of Guatemala and Latin American Association of Occupational Health
Sponsored by: Association of Occupational Health of Guatemala -ASOMET-
Supported by: Latin American Association of Occupational Health. -ALSO-
Co-sponsored by ICOH SC: Women Health and Work

Topics: This grand event will be held from 11 to 13 October 2017 in the City of Antigua Guatemala. Turning Guatemala into the Latin American headquarters for Occupational Health and Safety. This event will focus on the best professionals in Latin America and the world, in occupational health and safety. Our objective is to provide Latin American professionals with the main advances in Occupational Health and Safety, which will allow them to establish excellent quality services, with a wide coverage, to benefit a greater number of workers. Where they will have the opportunity to know strategies to improve the quality in the services of Occupational Health, as well as:
A) Identify progress in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and accidents of occupational origin.
B) They will know strategies to the vanguard world in subjects of Occupational Safety.
C) Make links and networks at the national, regional and global levels that may be useful for their field of occupational health and safety.
D) Acquire knowledge for the development of research at national and Latin American level. This will enable all professionals to know and implement strategies in their countries and workplaces, which will allow them to have high quality Occupational Health and Safety services in compliance with national and international standards with the primary purpose of protecting and protecting the Workers' lives, thus increasing productivity in the goods and services provided by industries. The congress will be organized by ASOMET, founded on September 11, 1998, having 18 years of promoting Occupational Health and Safety in Guatemala; Through continuous medical education. By assembling a range of professionals for purposes of Occupational Health and Safety.

Contact Information
Address: 11 CALLE 069 ZONA 9 Guatemala city
Tel: 502-3033-5056
E-mail: info@asomet.org
Website: http://www.congreso.alsoweb.net

26 - 28 October 2017 - Zagreb, Croatia

Education in OSH, emerging trends and unmet needs

Organized by: Scientific Committee Education and Training in Occupational Health
Supported by: Croatian Institute for Health Protection and Safety at Work
Organized by SC: SC Education and Training in Occupational Health, SC Rural Health: Agriculture, Pesticides and Organic Dusts, and SC Effectiveness in Occupational Health

  • Experiences in training health professionals: current situation and unmet needs around the globe
  • International collaboration in strengthening capacities in OSH training
  • Education of students and professionals- troubleshooting and how to do it
  • Education of new target groups 5. Actors in international OSH education
  • Family doctors and occupational health specialists: collaboration and prospects for the future- what's more: education or communication
  • Effectiveness in Occupational Health Services 8. Education in Occupational Health and Safety in Agriculture

Contact Information
Address: Radoslava Cimermana 64a 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: +385-1-777-2-635
Fax: +385-1-655-8-704
E-mail: marija.bubas@gmail.com
Website: http://www.icoh-scetoh2017.org/

28 - 30 November 2017 - Khon Kaen, Thailand

10th International Joint Conference on Occupational Health for Healthcare Workers: Health & wellbeing in the health care sector; addressing current threats to workers

Organized by: ICOH Scientific Committee on Occupational Health for Health Care Workers & Scientific Committee of Women Health and Work
Sponsored by: Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand The Association of Occupational and Environmental Diseases of Thailand Bureau of Occupational and Environmental Diseases, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health
Co-sponsored by ICOH SC: Scientific Committee of Women Health and Work & Scientific Committee on Occupational Health for Health Care Workers

Topics: Crisis / transition of healthcare sector & healthcare workers Prioritizing healthcare workers' safety - Organizing an occupational health system for healthcare workers Healthcare workers' issues in areas of political conflict & / or violence - Emerging diseases & emergency preparedness Chemical, biological, physical risks in healthcare setting - Psychosocial issues for healthcare workers Immunization for healthcare workers The impaired healthcare workers PRE - CONFERENCE WORHSHOP (November 27, 2017): 1. Introduction to HealthWISE 2. Risk evaluation and management in manual handling of patients and materials in health care settings in Thailand 3. Industrial hygiene measurement in the hospital environment.

Contact Information
Address: Unit of Occupational Medicine - Department of Community Medicine - Faculty of Medicine Khon Kaen University - Khon Kaen, Thailand 40002
Tel: +66 43 363 588 or +66 43 363 587
Fax: +66 43 202 488
E-mail: naesinee@kku.ac.th
E-mail: cnaesi@gmail.com
Website: www.ohhcw2017.org

29 April - 4 May 2018 - Convention Centre Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

32nd International Congress on Occupational Health - ICOH 2018

Conference Theme: Occupational Health and Wellbeing: linking research to practice

To collaborate with the ICOH Scientific Committees, Board Members & Regional/National Secretaries to offer an exciting and challenging programme;
To cover a wide range of occupational, safety and health topics demonstrating how research translates into excellence in practice;
To advance research and evidence-based approaches in occupational safety and health by promoting local, regional and global examples;
To offer a blend of plenary, semi-plenary, mini-symposia, seminars, workshops, worksite visits, special and oral sessions that will demonstrate the scope of occupational safety and health practice and how that can effectively protect and promote the health of all workers.

The conference will have many different elements to it which including keynote speeches, semi-plenary sessions, symposia, special sessions, poster sessions and a marketplace.

Website: http://icoh2018.org/wp/