The Minutes of the ICOH 2015 General Assemblies are now available

The final release of the ICOH 2015 minutes is now available on the section Reports.
Reports and decisions adopted by the General Assembly during the 31st ICOH International Congress can be consulted in the dedicated section.

The ICOH Statement on Qatar 2022 World Cup and migrant workers

Based on the motion of the Officers of the SC on OH in the Construction Industry during the second ICOH General Assembly held in Seoul on June the 5th 2015, ICOH Board members adopted the ICOH Statement on Qatar 2022 World Cup and migrant workers (download the full text).

The Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding on collaboration between the International Commission on Occupational Health and the International Social Security Association was signed during the 31st ICOH 2015 Congress held in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

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Seoul Statement on the Development of Occupational Health Services for All

The 31st International Congress on Occupational Health in Seoul on Friday June 5th, adopted the ten-point Seoul Statement on the Development of Occupational Health Services for All, which stressed greater recognition of the importance of occupational health services (OHS) and advancement of the field trough training, education and greater global cooperation.

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ILO Master fellowships assigned during ICOH 2015 Congress

The winners of the ILO Master Partial Fellowship awards assigned during the ICOH 2015 Congress were Dr. Victor Hoe, Malaysia and Dr. Gloria Villalobos, Colombia.

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New ICOH Honorary Members

On May 31st 2015, the ICOH General Assembly designated the new ICOH honorary members.

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ICOH announces newly elected Officers and Board Members who will serve for triennium 2015-2018

The Officers are: President Dr. Jukka Takala, Secretary General Prof. Sergio Iavicoli, Vice President Dr. Marilyn Fingerhut, Vice President Dr. Seong-Kyu Kang, Past President Dr. Kazutaka Kogi.

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ICOH CONGRESS 2015 Seoul, Republic of Korea

The 31st International Congress on Occupational Health took place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, from May 31 to June 5 2015.
The Congress had a great success thanks to the attendance of 3203 participants among professionals and students in OHS field. 1631 abstracts were confirmed from more than 2000 submitted, and 172 of them were presented at plenary sessions.

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ICOH 20122014 Triennial Report

ICOH Triennial Report is now available on the web.

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ICOH Life Achievement Award

During the Opening Ceremony of the ICOH 2015 Congress in Seoul, the ICOH Secretary General, Prof. Sergio Iavicoli, awarded Prof. Jerry Jeyaratnam, former Secretary General of ICOH, visionary researcher and educator and mentor in occupational health at the National University of Singapore. The Opening Ceremony was attended by more than 3000 participants and has achieved a recognized success.

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