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ICOH newsletter - Volume XVIII - Number 1 - April 2020 - ISSN 1795-0260

From the Editor

Dear Members,
In the 3rd issue of ICOH newsletter in 2019, we have many reports from scientific committees and national secretaries. Jamaica, Czech Republic and South Africa reported on the activities on some important issues in their societies. Scientific Committee on Mining Occupational Safety and Health (MinOSH) and MSD gave an interesting sketch of their symposia. Dr. Rajput-Ray of SC of Job Insecurity and Health (UJIH) summarized important issues on neglecting workplaces. I want to encourage members to send updates on upcoming events in their scientific committees, current events in our field, and other important news/information that can be included in our newsletter.

The editorial planning of the ICOH Newsletter
1) Vol 1: 1st APRIL (deadline for article submission: 10th FEBRUARY)
2) Vol 2: 1st AUGUST (deadline for article submission: 10th JUNE)
3) Vol 3: 1st DECEMBER (deadline for article submission: 10th OCTOBER)

Changes of Addresses
The ICOH Newsletter is published in two versions: in hard copy and electronic format. All active ICOH members who paid membership receive it by e-mail and postal mail. To receive both versions, both the e-mail address and the postal address registered with the ICOH Secretariat need to be correct. Please inform ICOH of any changes to your addresses, by communicating with the Editorial Office (, and the ICOH Secretariat (

Eun-A Kim
Editor-in-Chief,ICOH Newsletter