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ICOH newsletter - Volume XX - Number 3 - December 2022

Message from the Editor

Dear ICOH members,

Season’s Greetings!
This is the final publication this year. I thank each of you for supporting and encouraging the publication of this Newsletter.

In this issue, you will find various reports from Scientific Committees, including the Working Group on the Future of Decent Work and National Secretaries. Active reporting from the Chairs and/or Secretaries of SCs, and NSs helps us identify both global and local issues in occupational safety and health.

Submissions from ICOH members are always welcomed. Affiliate and Sustaining members can also submit articles. Book reviews written by ICOH members are also considered for publication with the aim of facilitating discussion.

I hope the Newsletter continues to help us build connections with each other.
Happy New Year!

Prof. Won-Jun Choi
Editor-in-Chief, ICOH Newsletter

The editorial planning of the ICOH Newsletter

The editorial plans for the remainder of 2023 are as follows:
Number 1: 1st April
(deadline for article submission: end of February)
Number 2: 1st August
(deadline for article submission: end of June)
Number 3: 1st December
(deadline for article submission: end of October)