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25 - 27 April 2023 - Quality Hotel The Mill, Malmö, Sweden

Occupational Hazards and Reproductive Health (on-site course)

Organized by: NIVA

This course aims to update knowledge on occupational reproductive health hazards required for understanding and preventing risks to pregnancy and fertility, as well as providing insight into the needs for further study within this field.

The course will focus on chemical, physical, ergonomic and psychosocial risk factors, the assessment, identification and management of occupational risks to reproductive health, interpretation and use of epidemiological and experimental research data in risk assessment, and where to find information. Risk communication and legislation and policies to protect workers’ reproductive health will also be addressed, and we will discuss factors that predict absence from work.

Contact Information
Email: cecilia.weckman@niva.org
Website: https://niva.org/course/occupational-hazards-and-reproductive-health/

15 - 18 May 2023 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Inhaled Particles and NanOEH Conference 2023

Organized by: British Occupational Hygiene Society

Contact Information
Website: https://www.bohs.org/events-networking/events/upcoming-events/detail/inhaled-particles-and-nanoeh-conference-2023/

12 - 15 June 2023 - Leeds, United Kingdom

OH2023: The Workplace Health Protection Conference

Organized by: British Occupational Hygiene Society

Contact Information
Website: https://www.bohs.org/events-networking/events/upcoming-events/detail/oh2023/