The Cochrane Collaboration contributes to the World Day for Health and Safety at Work 2013

The International Labour Organisation celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on the 28th of April, with a theme for 2013 of prevention of occupational diseases. The Cochrane OSH Review Group and the Cochrane Collaboration are contributing to the World Day with a freely accessible collection of systematic reviews of prevention of occupational diseases. The collection is accompanied by an Editorial in the Cochrane Library.

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ICOH partnership with scientific journals: discounted subscription rates for ICOH members

As anticipated during the 30th ICOH Congress held in Cancun, it has been reached an agreement with some prestigious Scientific Journals for offering to ICOH members in good standing the opportunity to subscribe to them at a discounted rate.

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The Minutes of the ICOH 2012 General Assemblies and Board Meetings are now available

The final release of the ICOH 2012 minutes is now available on the section Reports.
Reports and decisions adopeted by the Board and the General Assembly during the 30th ICOH International Congress can be consulted in the dedicated section.

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ICOH membership renewal campaign 2012 2014

ICOH has launched its membership renewal campaign for the triennium 2012-2014 with a letter including the Settlement Form and Contact Form sent by regular mail to all ICOH individual members, Sustaining and Affiliate members who have not yet renewed their ICOH membership for the triennium 2012-2014.
All ICOH members are invited to fill the forms in with all the requested information and return them to ICOH Secretariat General.
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ICOH declaration on World Day for Safety and Health at Work: 28 April 2012

ICOH declaration on World Day for Safety and Health at Work: 28 April 2012

The International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) renews its call for joint actions for developing occupational health and safety programmes meeting the changing needs at the workplace in globalizing economy.

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ICOH announces newly elected officers and board members who will serve for triennium 2012-2015

The Officers are: President Dr. Kazutaka Kogi, Secretary General Dr. Sergio Iavicoli, Vice President Ms. Suvi Lehtinen, Vice President Prof. Bonnie Rogers, Past President Prof. Jorma Rantanen

The newly elected Board Members are: Dr. Marilyn Fingerhut (USA), Prof. Giovanni Costa (Italy), Prof. Peter Westerholm (Sweden), Prof. Harri Vainio (Finland), Dr. Timo Leino (Finland), Prof. Malcolm Sim (Australia), Prof. Yves Roquelaure (France), Dr. Elia Enriquez (Mexico), Prof. Norito Kawakami (Japan), Prof. Monique Frings-Dresen (The Netherlands), Ms. Claudina Nogueira ( South Africa), Dr. Andrew Curran (United Kingdom), Dr. Mary Ross (South Africa), Dr. Edoardo Santino (Brazil), Dr. Seong-Kyu Kang (Republic of Korea), Dr. Patabendi Abeytunga (Canada).

Dublin, Ireland, elected as venue of the 32nd ICOH international congress

ICOH′s 32nd International Congress will be held in 2018 in Dublin, Ireland as a result of the vote held in Cancun in conjunction to the 30th ICOH Congress.

ICOH Cancun Charter on Occupation Health for all

During the Second General Assembly on March 23rd 2012, Prof. Jorma Rantanen presented the Cancun Charter on Occupational Health for all as key document among the outputs of the successful Congress held in Cancun.

The Cancun Charter has been signed by the ICOH Past President Prof. Jorma Rantanen, the ICOH President Dr. Kazutaka Kogi, the ICOH Secretary General Dr. Sergio Iavicoli and the ICOH 2012 Congress President Dr. Jorge Morales Camino.
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New ICOH Honorary members

On March 18th 2012, the ICOH General Assembly designated the new ICOH honorary members.

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ICOH Life Achievement Award

During the Opening Ceremony of the ICOH 2012 Congress in Cancun, the ICOH Secretary General, Dr. Sergio Iavicoli, awarded Prof. Jorma Rantanen, ICOH Past President, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to research impact on prevention and policies in the field of Occupational Safety and Health and of his remarkable and excellent support to ICOH revitalization and impact at international level worldwide.