ICOH declaration on World Day for Safety and Health at Work: 28 April 2015

The International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) calls for joint actions for preventing occupational and work-related injuries and diseases and for building a culture of prevention by meeting the changing needs at the workplace around the world.

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ICOH Code of Ethics third edition is finally out for download

All participants to ICOH Congress 2015 will receive an hard copy of the Code in the congress kit, while the dissemination and translation into languages other than English and French, will start from the new triennium. Since its first publishing, ICOH Code of Ethics was widely recognized, and it is intended to guide all those who carry out occupational health activities and to set a reference level on the basis of which their performance can be assessed.

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Bid Submission ICOH 2021 - Candidates countries

The elections to determine the venue of ICOH 2021 Congress will take place at ICOH 2015 in Seoul (May 31 – June 5), after presentations by proposed host countries and taking into consideration the recommendation of the Board (Article 6, section 1 of the Constitution).

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Professor Giovanni Berlinguer passed away

On April 7 Professor Giovanni Berlinguer passed away, a prominent international scientist, educator, and policy maker in the field of occupational and public health.

Prof. René Mendes homage to Prof. Giovanni Berlinguer

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ICOH International Congress Seoul 2015 (May 31 – June5, 2015) 3rd Announcement

The 3rd Announcement of ICOH 2015 Congress has been just released. You can also download the announcement from the official website of the ICOH Congress 2015 (www.icoh2015.org). With the theme of “Global Harmony for Occupational Health: Bridge the World”, the 2015 Congress will be an important occasion to contribute to academic development by sharing state of the art researches, knowledge, and experience in the OSH field.

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