Professor Giovanni Berlinguer passed away

On April 7 Professor Giovanni Berlinguer passed away, a prominent international scientist, educator, and policy maker in the field of occupational and public health.

Prof. René Mendes homage to Prof. Giovanni Berlinguer

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ICOH International Congress Seoul 2015 (May 31 – June5, 2015) 3rd Announcement

The 3rd Announcement of ICOH 2015 Congress has been just released. You can also download the announcement from the official website of the ICOH Congress 2015 ( With the theme of “Global Harmony for Occupational Health: Bridge the World”, the 2015 Congress will be an important occasion to contribute to academic development by sharing state of the art researches, knowledge, and experience in the OSH field.

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ICOH Elections – Deadline for returning ballots April 30, 2015

The elections procedure is in progress. Lots of ballots have already reached ICOH Secretariat and they will be scrutinized on the occasion of the ICOH 2015 Congress by the Scrutinizers Committee.

All ballots were sent to all ICOH Members having the right to vote (ICOH Members in good standing as of 31 May, 2014) on January 2015 by regular mail. Those who have not received it can directly contact the ICOH Secretariat by email ( and as soon as possible another ballot will be sent to you.

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ILO Master Fellowship in conjunction with ICOH 2015 Congress

In occasion of the 31st ICOH Congress a partial fellowship to attend the ILO Master in Occupational Safety and Health (International Training Centre of the ILO Turin School of Development, Turin, Italy) will be assigned for two ICOH candidates from developing countries who will present a scientific contribution to ICOH Congress 2015.

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ICOH Elections – Tenure 2015-2017

Announcement of the candidates for the election of ICOH Officers and members of the Board for Triennium 2015-2017.

The candidates must be eligible under Article 5, section 2 and 8 of the ICOH Constitution. The Officers and the members of the Board shall be elected as set forth in the Bye-Laws for the triennial period separating sessions of the General Assembly. They may be re-elected to the same office for no more than one additional term, with exception of the Secretary-General, who may be elected for more than one additional term. The newly elected Officers take office at the General Assembly convened immediately after the ICOH 2015 Congress.

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