Epidemiology in OH

EPICOH is an international organization that forms part of the ICOH and currently has 174 members from 29 countries, with the membership continuously expanding. EPICOH is one of the largest and most active committees within ICOH.

Topics addressed by EPICOH members include occupational exposures (e.g. stress, metals,
pesticides, radiation, non-industrial indoor environments), health effects (e.g. cancer,
musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory diseases, injuries), methodology (e.g. biomarkers,
experimental design, exposure-assessment, meta-analysis, risk assessment, statistics), gene environment interactions, ethics and law.

EPICOH´s Mission

The Scientific Committee on Epidemiology in Occupational Health (EPICOH) of the ICOH has as its main function promotion of communication among epidemiologists, industrial hygienists, and other occupational health scientists worldwide. EPICOH provides a forum for the discussion of problems unique to the study of health and work. With membership open to occupational epidemiologists and other scientists worldwide, EPICOH provides a variety of forums for discussions, critical reviews, collaborations and education on issues of occupational exposures and their human health effects.

EPICOH´s Philosophy

To foster the study of health and work, EPICOH encourages and supports the following:
• Epidemiological studies on the health effects of occupational exposures
• Communication among epidemiologists, industrial hygienists, toxicologists, exposure
analysts, and other occupational health scientists worldwide.
• Innovative approaches to substantive or methodologic problems and applications of
occupational epidemiology
• The use of occupational epidemiology to inform public policy
• Involvement of scientists from developing countries in EPICOH activities, reduced dues for
members from developing countries and establishment of regional EPICOH chapters throughout the
developing world.

To join EPICOH, you first need to become a member of ICOH. If you are an ICOH member, you need to login to your private area on the ICOH website and request to join the Epidemiology in Occupational Health Scientific Committee using the Membership Profile link on the left hand side, remembering to include a short CV. This will automatically generate an email which will prompt the Chair and Secretary to endorse your application to the ICOH Secretariat.

There is NO extra fee to become an EPICOH member (you can choose up to 3 Scientific Committees to be a member of).

Officers for Triennium 2018-2021

Management Group


Roel Vermeulen PhD
Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, Utrecht University
PO Box 80178
NL 3508 TD Utrecht
The Netherlands


Damien McElvenny PhD
Institute of Occupational Medicine
Research Avenue North, Riccarton,
Edinburgh EH14 4AP,
United Kingdom

Management group members

Laura Beane-Freeman PhD
Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch,
Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics
National Cancer Institute 9609 Medical Center Drive,
Rm 6E136, MSC 9771
Bethesda, MD 20892

Rajiv Kumar Jain MD
Senior Consultant-Health,
Indian Railways, New Delhi

Shlomo Moshe, MD
Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University
Head of Occupational Services, Hashfela and Jerusalem District, Maccabi Healthcare Services
Rothschild 15 st. Rishon Letzion 7526601
moshe222@actcom.com; moshe222@actcom.co.il

Mary Schubauer-Berigan PhD
Monographs Programme
International Agency for Research on Cancer
World Health Organization
150 cours Albert Thomas
69372 Lyon CEDEX 08, France

Leslie Stayner, PhD
Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
971 Sphpi, M/c 923
1603 W. Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60612,

Website now available www.icoh-epicoh.org

Website now available www.icoh-epicoh.org
Scientific Committees Reports Triennium 2015-2018 now available here.

Officers for Triennum 2018-2021



Utrecht University
Yoleloon 2,
3684 CM, Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 30 253 944

Email: R.C.H.Vermeulen@uu.nl

Prof. Damien Martin MCELVENNY
Institute of Occupational Medicine
Research Avenue North
Edinburgh EH14 4AP
United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0)131 449 8085
Fax: +44(0)131 449 8084

Email: Damien.McElvenny@iom-world.org