Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals 4th Ed.

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Edited by: Gunnar F. Nordberg, Bruce A. Fowler and Monica Nordberg

Published: 2015. ISBN978-0-444-59453-2 (print 2 volume set).
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1. Toxicology of Metals: Overview, Definitions, Concepts, and Trends
Gunnar F. Nordberg, Bruce A. Fowler, and Monica Nordberg

2. General Chemistry, Sampling, Analytical Methods, and Speciation
Donald R. Smith and Monica Nordberg

3. Routes of Exposure, Dose, and Toxicokinetics of Metals
Alison Elder, Gunnar F. Nordberg, and Michael Kleinman

4. Toxicity of Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Hanna L. Karlsson, Muhammet S. Toprak, and Bengt Fadeel

5. Toxicity of Metals Released from Implanted Medical Devices
Ronald P. Brown, Bruce A. Fowler, Silvia Fustinoni, and Monica Nordberg

6. Toxic Metals in Food
Bruce A. Fowler, Jan Alexander, and Agneta Oskarsson

7. Exposure Assessment, Forward and Reverse Dosimetry
Patricia Ruiz and Bruce A. Fowler

8. Biological Monitoring and Biomarkers
Tiina Santonen, Antero Aitio, Bruce A. Fowler, and Monica Nordberg

9. Selected Molecular Mechanisms of Metal Toxicity and Carcinogenicity
Todd Davidson, Qindong Ke, and Max Costa

10. General Considerations of Dose-Effect and Dose-Response Relationships
Daphne B. Moffett, Moiz M. Mumtaz, Dexter W. Sullivan Jr., and Bruce A. Fowler

11. Interactions and Mixtures in Metal Toxicology
Gunnar F. Nordberg, Lars Gerhardsson, Moiz Mumtaz, Patricia Ruiz, and Bruce A. Fowler

12. Gene-Environment Interactions for Metals
Karin Broberg, Karin Engström, and Shegufta Ameer

13. Epidemiological Approaches to Metal Toxicology
Philippe Grandjean and Esben Budtz-Jorgensen

14. Essential Metals: Assessing Risks from Deficiency and Toxicity
Peter Aggett, Gunnar F. Nordberg, and Monica Nordberg

15. Neurotoxicology of Metals
Roberto G. Lucchini, Michael Aschner, David C. Bellinger, and Samuel W. Caito

16. Cardiovascular Disease
Bengt Sjögren, Carolina Bigert, and Per Gustavsson

17. Renal Effects of Exposure to Metals
Lars Barregard and Carl-Gustaf Elinder

18. Carcinogenicity of Metal Compounds
Freda Laulicht, Jason Brocato, Qingdong Ke, and Max Costa

19. Immunotoxicology of Metals
Per Hultman and K. Michael Pollard

20. Effects of Metallic Elements on Reproduction and Development
Pietro Apostoli and Simona Catalani

21. Ecotoxicology of Metals—Sources, Transport, and Effects on the Ecosystem
Poul Bjerregaard, Christian B.I. Andersen, and Ole Andersen

22. Risk Assessment
Gunnar F. Nordberg and Bruce A. Fowler

23. Diagnosis and Treatment of Metal Poisoning: General Aspects
Lars Gerhardsson and George Kazantzis

24. Principles for Prevention of the Toxic Effects of Metals
Philip J. Landrigan, Roberto G. Lucchini, David Kotelchuck, and Philippe Grandjean

25. Metal Toxicology in Developing Countries
Bruce A. Fowler, Candace M. Prusiewicz, and Monica Nordberg


26. Aluminum
Bengt Sjögren, Anders Iregren, Johan Montelius, and Robert A. Yokel

27. Antimony
Carolyn A. Tylenda, Dexter W. Sullivan Jr., and Bruce A. Fowler

28. Arsenic
Bruce A. Fowler, C.-H. Selene J. Chou, Robert L. Jones, Dexter W. Sullivan Jr, and C.J. Chen

29. Barium
Agneta Oskarsson

30. Beryllium
Marek Jakubowski and Cezary Pa?czy?ski

31. Bismuth
Bruce A. Fowler, Dexter W. Sullivan Jr, and Mary J. Sexton

32. Cadmium
Gunnar F. Nordberg, Koji Nogawa, and Monica Nordberg

33. Chromium
Sverre Langard and Max Costa

34. Cobalt
Dominique Lison

35. Copper
Dag G. Ellingsen, Lisbeth Birk Moller, and Jan Aaseth

36. Gallium and Gallium Semiconductor Compounds
Bruce A. Fowler and Mary J. Sexton

37. Germanium
Larry S. Keith, Obaid M. Faroon, Nikki Maples-Reynolds, and Bruce A. Fowler

38. Gold and Gold mining
Antero Aitio, Mirja Kiilunen, Tiina Santonen, and Monica Nordberg

39. Indium
Bruce A. Fowler and Nikki Maples-Reynolds

40. Iridium
Ivo Iavicoli and Veruscka Leso

41. Iron
Prem Ponka, Milton Tenenbein, and John W. Eaton

42. Lanthanum
Richard P. Wedeen, Balazs Berlinger, and Jan Aaseth

43. Lead
Staffan Skerfving and Ingvar A. Bergdahl

44. Lithium
Alfred Bernard

45. Manganese
Roberto G. Lucchini, Michael Aschner, Yangho Kim, and Marko Sari?

46. Mercury
Maths Berlin, Rudolfs K. Zalups, and Bruce A. Fowler

47. Molybdenum
Jonas Tallkvist and Agneta Oskarsson

48. Nickel
Catherine Klein and Max Costa

49. Palladium
Tomohiro Umemura, Kazuhiro Sato, Yukinori Kusaka, and Hiroshi Satoh

50. Platinum
Mirja Kiilunen, Antero Aitio, and Tiina Santonen

51. Rhodium
Ivo Iavicoli

52. Selenium
Jan Alexander

53. Silver
James S. Holler, Bruce A. Fowler, and Gunnar F. Nordberg

54. Tellurium
Lars Gerhardsson

55. Thallium
Robyn Blain and George Kazantzis

56. Tin
Elena A. Ostrakhovitch

57. Titanium
Taiyi Jin and Maths Berlin

58. Tungsten
Per E. Leffler and George Kazantzis

59. Uranium
Larry S. Keith, Obaid M. Faroon, and Bruce A. Fowler

60. Vanadium
Farida Louise Assem and Agneta Oskarsson

61. Zinc
Harold H. Sandstead