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4 - 7 October 2020 - Toronto, Canada

XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2020

Organized by: International Labour Organization (ILO) , International Social Security Association (ISSA), Institute for Work & Health (IWH) and Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

Topics: The theme of the 2020 World Congress is ‘Prevention in the Connected Age: Global solutions to achieve safe and healthy work for all’. The Congress will focus on three main topics: Innovations in Addressing Longstanding Safety and Health Challenges Implications of the Changing World of Work for Occupational Safety and Health Advancing a Culture of Prevention

Contact Information
Address: XXII World Congress on Safety & Health at Work 2020 c/o International Conference Services (ICS) 300 - 1201 West Pender St. Vancouver, Canada, V6E 2V2
Tel : +1 604 681 2153
Fax : +1 604 681 1049
E-mail: worldcongress2020@icsevents.com
Website: https://www.safety2020canada.com/

25 - 26 November 2020 - Hotel Paasitorni, Helsinki, Finland

International Occupational Health - Current situation and future trends

Organized by: University of Helsinki, Department of Public Health/Occupational Health

Scope and purpose of the Conference
Globalization has a growing impact on conditions of work and occupational health as well; It sets new challenges, provides new opportunities and needs for protection of workers health in rapidly changing work life. Occupational health needs of workers develop quantitatively and qualitatively in both the industrialized world and in the emerging and developing economies. New occupational health problems are identified and several re-emerging diseases have been recorded. The scope of occupational health is expanded from traditional occupational medicine to comprehensive occupational health, covering not only detection and prevention of diseases but also prevention of several other conditions, such as psycho-social problems and challenges to promotion of work ability of workers. New strategies, methods and approaches in occupational health practices are warranted and developed.

International organizations, national governments and professional communities need to keep abreast with the developments and challenges of the current situation and on the trends of future. The younger occupational health experts are going to work in growingly international settings and their work will more than before be modified and affected by international factors and trends.
The purpose of the Conference is to get an overview of the current international and global situation in occupational health, identify the existing challenges and have a look at the future perspectives and trends.

Objectives of the Seminar
The objectives of the Seminar are to give a state-of-the-art situation analysis of the current situation in occupational health research and training and to identify the future trends on the development of practices in occupational health, occupational medicine (new occupational diseases) and occupational health services.
Who should attend?
The seminar is intended for experts and scholars, senior and junior experts and residents in occupational health, occupational medicine and occupational health services. Participants from Nordic countries, EU, the rest of Europe and overseas are welcomed. Academic credits for Finnish and EU postgraduate participants will be applied from the relevant institutions. Web presentations for the postgraduate students in the Virtual University of Finland will be opened after the Seminar.