Student Poster Competition at ICOH2024 Congress

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ICOH2024 Congress hosted a Student Poster Competition accessible to students with an abstract accepted. A monetary prize and waved registration to ICOH for the triennium 2024-2026 was offered to the top 3 places. In addition, waved registration to ICOH for the triennium 2024-2026 was offered to the students ranked between fourth and eighth place. Please find below the list of the top 8 classified students:

1 Adam Moskowitz (USA) 89 Occupational injury from patient handling and workplace violence at residential disability and mental health facilities
2 Shinhyeong Kim (Korea) 88 The impact of long working hours (LWH) and the use of work-related communication devices outside regular working hours (WDOW) on computer vision syndrome (CVS) among workers intensively utilizing visual display terminals (VDTs)
3 Kian Kiong Yap (Malaysia) 85 Predictors of noise-related hearing disorder among vector control workers in Kuala Lumpur
4 Marieme Tah (Tunisia) 84 Work-related factors affecting life and job satisfaction among medical residents
5 Aicha Haddar (Tunisia) 84 Assessment of radiological risk in the operating rooms of a university hospital in Sfax, Tunisia
6 Chayma Sridi (Tunisia) 81 Extremely low frequency electro-magnetic fields and quality of sleep: A cross-sectional study in a power plant in Tunisia
7 Moustafa Sherif (UAE) 80 Genotoxicity of occupational pesticide exposures among agricultural workers in Arab countries
8 Amanda Voss (Germany) 80 Evaluation of secondary aspects of online teaching by medical students