ICOH Survey on COVID-19 for National Secretaries / Contact Persons

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the ICOH Survey on COVID-19 administered to National Secretaries / Contact Persons.

CoViD-19 pandemic is a global health emergency that is having an impact on the world of work.

In this situation, ICOH has a key role as the world′s leading international scientific society in the field of occupational health. Through its membership of OSH professionals from 114 countries, ICOH represents a privileged network that can contribute to outline a global scenario.

To gain an overall view, ICOH has decided to launch a survey to collect information on public health policies, prevention measures, and other policies put in place by the governments of the countries in the world to contain the pandemic.

The survey is administered to ICOH National Secretaries and other senior OSH experts through Surveymonkey. The results collected will be published through the ICOH channels and may be used for analysis and benchmarking both at national level and international level.