ICOH elections, tenure 2018-2021

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Announcement of the candidates for the elections of ICOH Officers and members of the Board for Triennium 2018-2021

The candidates must be eligible under Article 5, section 2 and 8 of the ICOH Constitution. The Officers and the members of the Board shall be elected as set forth in the Bye-Laws for the triennial period separating sessions of the General Assembly. They may be re-elected to the same office for no more than one additional term, with exception of the Secretary-General, who may be elected for more than one additional term. The newly elected Officers take office at the General Assembly convened immediately after the ICOH 2018 Congress. A member of the ICOH can be a candidate for one post only at a time.

The names and curricula will be also published in the 2ndNewsletter 2017.

Out of these names, the Secretary-General will prepare the ballot form, with the names of the candidates for each office in random order.

The Secretariat will send the ballot papers and envelops by mail to all ICOH members in good-standing according to Bye-Law 6, section 3, by the end of October 2017.

The ballot papers and envelops shall be returned and reach ICOH Secretariat no later than March 29, 2018 (Bye-Law 6, section 3).



Curriculum Vitae
President of ICOH from 2015.
Doctor of Technology, Adjunct Professor, Tampere University of Technology, Finland; Faculty Member of UNISIM University in Singapore.
Senior Consultant, Workplace Safety and Health Institute, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.
40+ years of experience in workplace safety and health, in industry/university/Min-of-Health/Labour/Manpower, ILO, EU, in six countries.
Worked in six countries, speaks Eng/Fre/Ger/Spa/Swedish/Finnish to varying degree.
Prior to joining WSH-Institute as the first Executive Director in 2011, he was the Director of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in Bilbao, Spain from 2006-2011, and in charge of coordination of all EU regulatory agencies in 2010-11.
Held several positions in the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Africa, Asia and at ILO Headquarters as Director for the Global InFocus Programme on SafeWork in Geneva, and responsible for ILO OSH Conventions, GHS process, ILO Encyclopaedia, IPCS/IOMC..., 1978-2006.
OSH-Administration, Finland until 1978.

F.M. Fischer (Brazil), M. Schenker (USA), K. Reijula (Finland), M. Hogan (Ireland), S. Horie (Japan), S. Iavicoli (Italy), R. Orford (USA), J. Vuori (Finland), J. Rantanen (Finland), M. Frings-Dresen (The Netherlands), R. Rajesh (India), D. Moyo (Zimbabwe), E. A. Kim (Republic of Korea), S. M. John (Germany), M. Sim (Australia) and others.



Curriculum Vitae
Andrew is the Chief Scientific Adviser at the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, where he leads 850 scientists, has responsibility for HSE’s science and evidence strategy, and oversight of HSE’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Workplace Health. Andrew has played an active role in WHO, been an ICOH Board since 2012 and has sat on organising committees for conferences including EPICOH (2011), Wellbeing (2012) and ISBM (2013). He chairs the Sheffield Group, a network of national OSH research organisations and sits on the PEROSH Steering Group. Andrew has over 80 peer-reviewed publications and has delivered keynote papers at international conferences. He has worked with international partners including South Africa, Mexico and Singapore. If elected as Vice-President, Andrew would continue to bring his understanding of the issues faced when delivering OSH improvements which requires collaboration across the interfaces between scientists, regulators, policy-makers and industry from a range of cultural and international perspectives.

S. Iavicoli (Italy), D. Gagliardi (Italy), M. Sim (Australia), M. Hogan (Ireland), J. Rantanen (Finland), P. Blanc (USA), S. Leka (United Kingdom), D. Moyo (Zimbabwe), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), J. Takala (Finland), M. Fingerhut (USA), A. Jain (United Kingdom), M. Ross (South Africa), K. Jones (United Kingdom), D. Fishwick (United Kingdom) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Kang, Seong-Kyu is an occupational physician and currently Chair of the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Incheon, Korea. He was the Vice President of KOSHA (Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency), where he worked for 27 years. He was an Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer at the US NIOSH. Professor Kang is currently Vice President of ICOH. Since 1992, he has been active in many ICOH Scientific Committees, and served on the Board and as Editor-in-Chief of the Newsletter. He was the responsible person of the ICOH 31st Seoul Congress, held in 2015. Professor Kang has been involved in many academic societies and government committees related to OSH. He is an experienced investigator of occupational diseases, and is interested in neurotoxicity, biological monitoring, occupational health services, history, injuries and policies. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Safety and Health at Work (SH@W).

J. Takala (Finland), S. Iavicoli (Italy), M. Hogan (Ireland), M. Sim (Australia), R. Facci (Brazil), M. Fingerhut (USA), S. Pingle (India), M. Frings-Dresen (The Netherlands), S. Lehtinen (Finland), B. Rogers (USA), C. Nogueira (South Africa), M. Ross (South Africa), A. Curran (United Kingdom), S. Horie (Japan), N. Kawakami (Japan) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Specialist Occupational Medicine Physician and OHS Consultant. Holds MFOM (RCPI), Masters in Occupational Health (Hons.), Masters in Applied Health Management (Australia) and MBChB (Zimbabwe). ICOH Board member and past ICOH National Secretary for Zimbabwe. EXCO member of the South African Society of Occupational Medicine, President of the Zimbabwe society of Occupational Medicine, Associate Editor of the Archives of Environmental and occupational Health Journal, Medical Board member of the National Social security Authority of Zimbabwe, Technical occupational health lead for the Global Fund TIMS project on the operationalization of 11 occupational health service centres in 8 Southern African Countries. Sessional Lecturer – Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. Participant at the International Occupational Health summer schools at Lud-wig Maxmillians University in Germany and the University of Brescia in Italy. Interim board Member of the African Regional Association of Occupational Health (ARAOH). International judge at the ICOH congress in Seoul.

J. Gasana (Kuwait), M. Fingerhut (USA), M. Hagberg (Sweden), B. Garamumhango (Zimbabwe), A. K. Touré (Senegal), S. Kiran (Turkey), R. M. Orriols Ramos (Spain), M. Mansyur (Indonesia), P. Noone (Ireland), R. Mazikana (Zimbabwe), R. Lucchini (Italy), O. Kerama (Kenya), P. Ngorora (Zimbabwe), F. Moyo (Zimbabwe), T. Maruta (Zimbabwe) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Qualifications: Claudina M C A Nogueira holds BSc, BSc (Hons) and MSc (Medical Biochemistry) degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa (SA), and BEBOH (UK) Modules in Occupational Hygiene.
Experience: Claudina has worked in the broad occupational health field for the past 27 years in various capacities and is currently employed as a contract Project/Data Manager in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, SA. Research interests include metal toxicity, chemical exposures, mineral dusts and fibres, molecular epidemiology and toxicology, education and training in occupational and environmental health, and occupational health and safety in the mining sector.
Current Affiliations: ICOH Board member (2012-2015; 2015-2018); member and secretary of ICOH WG OIA; member of ICOH SC MinOSH; ExCo member of the SA Society of Occupational Medicine (SASOM); Council member of the Southern African Institute for Occupational Hygiene (SAIOH); and Board member of Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB).

M. Fingerhut (USA), M. Hogan (Ireland), M. Sim (Australia), R. Facci (Brazil), K. Jones (United Kingdom), W. Buchta (USA), J. Takala (Finland), J. Rantanen (Finland), M. Ross (South Africa), S. Iavicoli (Italy), F. M. Fischer (Brazil), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), M. Coombs (South Africa), D. Kocks (South Africa), C. M. De Hoyos (Argentina) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Malcolm Sim is an Occupational Physician and Director of the Monash University Centre for Occupational & Environmental Health in Australia. His main research interests are the prevention and surveillance of occupational cancer, respiratory disease and other chronic diseases. He has published over 220 scientific papers and book chapters. He has been a Board Member of ICOH for two terms, current Chair of the ICOH Ethics and Transparency Committee, past Chair of the Occupational Medicine Scientific Committee and is a member of the Management Group of EPICOH. He led the successful bid to host the 2021 ICOH Congress in Melbourne. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and a member of the Editorial Board of the Cochrane Work Group. He has been involved in many international collaborations, including occupational health training and capacity building projects in several Asian countries and the MODERNET and other collaborative research projects in Europe.

J. Takala (Finland), S. Horie (Japan), D. Pisaniello (Australia), M. Hogan (Ireland), C. Nogueira (South Africa), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), M. Frings-Dresen (The Netherlands), P. Westerholm (Sweden), T. Driscoll (Australia), B. Rogers (USA), C. Paris (France), M. Fingerhut (USA), R. Facci (Brazil), A. Curran (United Kingdom), J. Verbeek (Finland) and others.



Curriculum Vitae
He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at University of Rome "La Sapienza" cum laude. He got his PhD degree in Occupational Health and Industrial Toxicology. Research Fellow at University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health.
Currently he is Director of the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Epidemiology and Hygiene of the Italian Workers’ Compensation Authority (INAIL), World Health Organization Collaborating Centre (WHO CC). He is ICOH Secretary General since 2003 and President of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology (EAOHP). He is Editorial Board of several scientific journals and Member of different national/international Committees including WHO Global Advisory Committee in Occupational Health. Scientific coordinator of over 40 national and international research programmes. Author of more than 200 peer-review publications, of more than 350 abstract/contributions in conference proceedings and of more than 30 monographs in Occupational Health. Since 2014, national scientific qualification as full professor in SSD Med44/Occupational Medicine sector.

M. Hogan (Ireland), G. Abbritti (Italy), J. Rantanen (Finland), R. Facci (Brazil), R. Mendes (Brazil), R. Vargas (Peru), S. Pingle (India), P. A. Bertazzi (Italy), M. Dollard (Australia), E. Enriquez (Mexico), J. Takala (Finland), A. R. Muńoz del Carpio Toia (Peru), B. Rogers (USA), S. Lehtinen (Finland), J. Howard (USA) and others.



Curriculum Vitae
Maureen Dollard is Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology and Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety, a WHO Collaborating Centre, at the University of South Australia. Her research concerns workplace psychosocial factors. She has published five edited books and 160 papers/ book chapters (over 7000 citations). Maureen is on the Editorial Board for Work and Stress, the Journal of Organizational Behavior, and the European Journal of Work & Organisational Psychology, and the advisory board for International Journal of Rural Management and the beyondblue Workplace Mental Health Advisory Group. She has served as Co-chair of the ICOH-WOPS Scientific Committee since 2009, was Chair of the 2014 Congress of the ICOH-WOPS held in Adelaide, and is on the organising committee of the 2021 ICOH Congress. She established the Asia Pacific Academy for Psychosocial Factors at Work and is Fellow of the European Academy for Occupational Health Psychology.

D. Pisaniello (Australia), S. Iavicoli (Italy), N. Kawakami (Japan), A. Shimazu (Japan), M. Fingerhut (USA), K. Kogi (Japan), M. Sim (Australia), J. Sluiter (The Netherlands), I. Houtman (The Netherlands), J. Oakman (Australia), J. Takala (Finland), M. Isahak (Malaysia), S. Leka (United Kingdom), J. Rantanen (Finland), H. Tovalin (Mexico) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Sc in Biological Sciences (University of Săo Paulo- USP). Master and PhD in Public Health (USP). Free-docency in Public Health. Full Professor of the Dept Environmental Health, School of Public Health, USP (www.fsp.usp.br).
Chair of ICOH Scientific Committee Shiftwork and Working Time/President of the Working Time Society for two terms, until March 2018.
Fellow of the International Ergonomics Association.
Member of the Brazilian Ergonomics Association, and the Brazilian Association of Ocupational Medicine ( ANAMT). Associate editor of the Journal of Public Health (www.fsp.usp.br/rsp) and the Brazilian Journal of Epidemiology. Co-scientific editor of the Brazilian Journal of Occupational Medicine. Board member of the Journal Occupational Health Psychology and contributing editor of the American Journal Industrial Medicine. Ad hoc reviewer of national and international journals and research agencies.
Main interests on teaching and research: work-related diseases, ergonomics, psychosocial factors at work, work organization, night and shiftwork, aging and work, teen work.

M. Fingerhut (USA), R. Facci (Brazil), J. Takala (Finland), J. Gärtner (Austria), J. S. Silva-Junior (Brazil), R. Rocha (Brazil), M. Takahashi (Japan), K. Kogi (Japan), S. Pingle (India), M. Härmä (Finland), E. Sá (Brazil), R. Mendes (Brazil), S. Popkin (USA), E. Santino (Brazil), C. Nogueira (South Africa) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Mats Hagberg, M.D., Ph.D., is professor/chairman at Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Gothenburg (UGOT) Sweden and senior physician/ consultant at Dept of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Sahlgrenska University Hospital. He is currently member of the ICOH board. He was chairman ICOH scientific committee vibration & noise and assisted in the founding of the Scientific Committees musculoskeletal disorders and Occupational Health for Health Care Workers. Dr. Hagberg is the author of more than 170 peer review papers, among those a position paper (2012) from the Musculoskeletal Scientific Committee. He has received the Taylor award. He started the successful series of PREMUS conferences together with late Ĺsa Kilbom in 1991. He has been visiting researcher in UCLA, USA and University of Bologna, Italy. The areas of interest is musculoskeletal disorders, vibration, work ability and sustainable health in ageing workers.

D. Wegman (USA), M. Wćrsted (Norway), D. M. Rempel (USA), J. Sluiter (The Netherlands), P. Kuijer (The Netherlands), A. Klussmann (Germany), P. Mairiaux (Belgium), M. Frings-Dresen (The Netherlands), A. van der Beek (The Netherlands), K. B. Veiersted (Norway), D. Kang (Republic of Korea), F. S. Violante (Italy), S. Mattioli (Italy), M. Tabanska-Petkova (Bulgaria), M. Andersson (Sweden) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Hans Martin (55), OH Physician, is head of the Department of Occupational Health Science, Wuppertal University. Previously, he has worked in Stockholm (work-stress-research, Karolinska Institute) and Berlin (head of OH-research-division, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, BAuA). Author of > 120 peer-reviewed publications.
For more than 20 years, ICOH has motivated his career: He was Editor of the ICOH Guidebook “OH for HCW – a practical Guide” (Elsevier 1999), PI of the European Nurses’-Early-Exit-Study (2001-2005, several ICOH-colleagues involved), Secretary (2001-2006) and Chair (2006-2009) of the SC "OH for HCW". National ICOH-Secretary (2009-2015), Organizer of the ICOH-Conference WAHE2016 “Work, Age, Health and Employment” (2016). Member of SC “Aging” and “WOPS”.
Current areas of research interest are “work/employment of older workers”, psychosocial work, HCWs.
If elected, Hans Martin would eagerly contribute his long-term interdisciplinary research and networking experience and would pro-actively carry out the ICOH duties to the utmost of his ability.

M. Fingerhut (USA), V. Harth (Germany), R. Orford (USA), A. Klussmann (Germany), M. Hagberg (Sweden), M. Beth-Hübner (Germany), S. Hitzeroth (Germany), R. Alexandrov (Germany), M. Ertel (Germany), N. Kawakami (Japan), W. Buchta (USA), S. M. John (Germany), R. Facci (Brazil), J. Li (Germany), P. Kiss (Belgium) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Graduated in Medicine from University College Cork, Ireland in 1987. Trained in General Practice and Subsequently in Occupational Medicine in Manchester, United Kingdom. Fellow of both the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. Currently Full-time Occupational Medical Specialist working in Cork, Ireland. Special interest is Toxicology and the Pharmaceutical &Chemical Industry, in particular.
Former Dean of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. Lecturer in Toxicology in University College Cork, Ireland. Former National Specialty Director for Occupational Medicine in Ireland and Examiner for the Faculty since 2002. Examined in Ireland, Malaysia and the UAE.
President of the 2018 ICOH Congress in Dublin. This has been the single greatest project of my professional life.
Member, ICOH since 2008. ICOH Board Member for the 2015-2018 Triennium. Medichem Board Member for the 2015-2018 Triennium.

K. Addley (United Kingdom), M. Fingerhut (USA), J. Rantanen (Finland), S. Iavicoli (Italy), A. Adisesh (Canada). J. Takala (Finland), R. Orford (USA), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), P. Gueret (Ireland), P. Lee (Ireland), T. Donnelly (Ireland), D. Whelan (Ireland), D. Murphy (Ireland), R. Facci (Brazil), P. Noone (Ireland) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Seichi Horie, MD, MPH, PhD, is Professor, Health Policy and Management, University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan (UOEH). He received MD in 1986 and PhD in 2002 from UOEH; MPH in 1993 from University of California, Berkeley. He is board certified by Japan Society for Occupational Health. He is a present Board Member of ICOH, after served as a National Secretary during 2009-2015 and engaged in the current revision of ICOH International Code of Ethics. He is the Vice Chairman of Occupational Health Committee of Japan Medical Association, an Associate Member of Science Council of Japan and a Fellow of Collegium Ramazzini. He completed occupational medicine residency at University of California, San Francisco, worked as a full-time occupational physician of a steel works in Tokyo Metropolitan Area. He has been promoting education and research on the prevention of heat-related illnesses, noise-induced hearing loss and cardiovascular diseases from overtime work.

J. Takala (Finland), N. Kawakami (Japan), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), R. Orford (USA), E. A. Kim (Republic of Korea), D. Moyo (Zimbabwe), O. Lo (Singapore), M. Hogan (Ireland), M. Sim (Australia), D. M. Rempel (USA), M. L. Tupia Gonzales (Peru), H. Rintamäki (Finland), J. Rantanen (Finland), S. Lehtinen (Finland), K. Takahashi (Australia) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Carel Hulshof, MD PhD, occupational physician, is professor in occupational medicine at the Coronel Institute of Occupational Health of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam and co-ordinator of the evidence-based guidelines programme of the Netherlands Society of Occupational Medicine (NVAB). From 2006-2012, he served as chairman of the ICOH Scientific Committee on Health Services Research and Evaluation in Occupational Health. His main areas of interest are: evidence-based practice and guidelines in occupational health, workers’ health surveillance, health services research, shared decision making, and vibration. His drive is to enhance the scientific base of occupational medicine and to translate scientific findings for use in day-to-day occupational health practice. He is (co-)author of more than 150 papers in international and national peer-reviewed scientific journals and book chapters, member of the Editorial Board of the Cochrane Work Review Group, and of the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N).

S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), P. Westerholm (Sweden), P. Buijs (The Netherlands), M. Hagberg (Sweden), F. van Dijk (The Netherlands), M. Sim (Australia), H. M. Hasselhorn (Germany), A. van der Beek (The Netherlands), H. Fukuda (Japan), M. Hogan (Ireland), K. Hegmann (USA), L. Godderis (Belgium), E. Johanning (USA), T. Higashi (Japan), J. Rantanen (Finland) and others.

Sunil Kumar JOSHI – NEPAL

Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Joshi is a physician (MD) specialized in Occupational Medicine, Diabetology, and PhD in Public Health. He has attended numerous international courses on occupational health. Prof. Joshi is the only registered occupational physician in Nepal and currently working as full time Professor and Head at the Department of Community Medicine, Kathmandu Medical College (KMC), Kathmandu University, Nepal. He has supervised many MD and PhD students who have done their thesis works on occupational health.
He is recognized by the Government of Nepal as an expert in occupational health. He has contributed in drafting the Labour Act of Nepal and National Procedural Guidelines for compensation of Workplace injuries under Social Security Fund. He is ICOH National Secretary for Nepal and he has participated and presented papers in many ICOH conferences. He is Chief Editor of the International Journal of Occupational Safety and Health (IJOSH).

J. Takala (Finland), S. Iavicoli (Italy), T. P. Bhattarai (Nepal), M. R. Bist (Nepal), P. Dahal (Nepal), S. V. Joshi (Nepal), S. Khadka (Nepal), S. Pant (Nepal), L. Paudel (Nepal), S. Pradhan (Nepal), S. Pingle (India), D. Gagliardi (Italy).


Curriculum Vitae
Eun-A Kim is MD (Occupational Medicine), Ph.D. She is currently Editor in Chief of ICOH Newsletter since 2015. She began research on occupational health since 1995, as Director of Department of Occupational Diseases Research, Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA), South Korea since 2009. Dr Kim has been good standing member of ICOH since 2005, and served as secretary of scientific committee of Neurotoxicology and Physhophysiology (SCNP) of ICOH since 2010. She contributed several international symposiums for SCNP and transferred the achievements on of ICOH to the projects of ILO and WHO such as diagnostic tools for occupational disease. As director of occupational research department of KOSHA, she conducted several epidemiological studies on occupational neurotoxicology, occupational cancer, and related occupational health program for the practice in workplace. She is member of editor for international journals such as Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Safety and Health at Work.

M. Fingerhut (USA), J. Takala (Finland), M. Sim (Australia), J. Rantanen (Finland), S. Lehtinen (Finland), K. Kogi (Japan), S. Iavicoli (Italy), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), S. Horie (Japan), C. Nogueira (South Africa), C. Colosio (Italy), S. Pingle (India).


Curriculum Vitae
Stavroula Leka PhD is Professor of Work, Health & Policy at the University of Nottingham and Director of the Centre for Organizational Health & Development, a WHO collaborating centre for occupational health. She is occupational health psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and the Higher Education Academy. She has served ICOH as Secretary and then Chair of the ICOH scientific committee 'Work Organisation & Psychosocial Factors' for the past 11 years. She has received an early career achievement award by the American Psychological Association for outstanding contribution in the study of psychosocial risks and work-related stress. She is editor of two book series and has published over 40 papers, 11 books, 35 book chapters and numerous reports and guidance documents. She sits on the editorial boards of various international journals and is Associate Editor of ‘Safety Science’.

J. Rantanen (Finland), J. Takala (Finland), J. Oakman (Australia), C. Nogueira (South Africa), M. Dollard (Australia), M. Fingerhut (USA), J. Sluiter (The Netherlands), H. Tovalin (Mexico), M. Frings-Dresen (The Netherlands), A. Jain (United Kingdom), M. Younes (Switzerland), Q. Durand-Moreau (France), J. Vuori (Finland), A. Curran (United Kingdom), K. Kogi (Japan).


Curriculum Vitae
Dr LO held senior medical leadership positions with International SOS since 1991, including the International SOS Foundation Ambassador function (2012-).
His medical qualifications include specialization in Air and Space Medicine, Tropical Diseases, Public Health, Disaster Medicine, Emergency Crisis Management, Occupational Medicine (UK) and Maritime Occupational Health Medicine (NIVA, Finland).
Dr LO received his Diploma of Doctor of Medicine from Louis Pasteur Medical University in Strasbourg, France. He is a qualified Occupational Health and Safety Management System Auditor (SEQM/IRCA), licensed from the French Medical “Conseil de l’Ordre”, Fellow at the Royal Society of Medicine (UK), member of the ACOEM (USA), the IMA and ISID. He is the National Secretary (Singapore) of ICOH (2015-2018) and an expert member (PWG) of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI 403 OHS sustainable reporting standard revision 2018.

J. Takala (Finland), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), J. A. Morales (Mexico), R. Rajesh (India), N. Wagner (Singapore), A. E. Tay (Singapore), M. Sim (Australia), F. Ayash (United Arab Emirates), S. Horvath (Canada), S. Horie (Japan), M. Donoghue (Australia), R. Heron (United Kingdom).


Curriculum Vitae
Born in Canada. MD, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. MS, University of Minnesota. MPH, University of Washington. Board certified in Internal, Occupational, Preventive, and Aerospace Medicine.
Former Deputy Minister responsible for Public Health/Occupational Health, Alberta, Canada. Consultant Mayo Clinic since 1988. Former Medical Director, Northwest Airlines. Assistant Professor, Mayo Medical School. Associate Professor, UTMB, Galveston, Texas.
Past President, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Arizona Medical Association, and Airlines Medical Directors Association. Delegate, American Medical Association.
Member, International Commission on Occupational Health member since 1982, currently member of SCs on OH for Health Care Workers, History of Prevention of Occupational and Environmental Diseases, and MEDICHEM. Former MEDICHEM National Representative for Canada, Former MEDICHEM Board Member, and Chaired the MEDICHEM Conference, Alberta, 1983. ICOH Former National Secretary representing the United States, and Chaired the ICOH Conference on Health Care Worker Health, Vancouver, 2007. ICOH Board Member for the 2014-2017 Triennium.

J. Takala (Finland), B. Rogers (USA), T. L. Guidotti (USA), R. Facci (Brazil), M. Hogan (Ireland), J. Rantanen (Finland), M. Fingerhut (USA), R. Mendes (Brazil), K. Kogi (Japan), C. Nogueira (South Africa), L. Patry (Canada), W. B. Bunn (USA), J. A. Morales (Mexico), M. Sim (Australia), S. Horie (Japan) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
PhD. in Environmental Management Engineering received her Graduate of Science in Chemistry Engineering from Barcelona University, Post degree Occupational Health Safety from Suffolk University. Currently, she is International CEO Occupational Health in Institut Catalŕ de la Salut and Scientific Advisor in UE. Her research and work focus on preventing harmful exposures and creating healthy environments at work.
Previous, Rosa was Technical Officer Occupational Health & Safety in National Occupational Safety and Health (INSHT) at the Spanish Government. In 2010, Research Fellow in Weill Cornell College. Medicine University. Rosa has spoken, written and testified extensively on health issues, including indoor air quality, Hazardous Drugs exposure, prevention of blood borne exposures,radiations exposures, as well as about the effects of work organization.

J. Takala (Finland), M. S. Lioce (USA), C. Rapparini (Brazil), A. Ergor (Turkey), G. A. Rosal (Spain), D. Moyo (Zimbabwe), M. Fingerhut (USA), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), M. Hogan (Ireland), M. Sim (Australia), C. Taboadela (Argentina), C. Nogueira (South Africa), G. Brachman (USA), R. Rajesh (India), R. Orford (USA) and others.

Christophe PARIS – FRANCE

Curriculum Vitae
Christophe Paris, 58, MD (Occupational Medicine), PhD (Epidemiology) is head of the Occupational Diseases Department of the University Hospital of Rennes, France. Currently, he is a member of the ESTER team research, headed by Pr Y Roquelaure, in the Inserm Unit 1085 (IRSET). His clinical activity is spotlighted on occupational respiratory diseases, particularly lung cancer, asbestos related diseases and more recently occupational asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. He is involved in several French large projects, including the “Asbestos-Related Diseases Cohort (ARDCO), as an epidemiologist. He is the vice-president of one of the expert committees of the National Agency for Health Security For Environment, Food and Work (ANSES), aiming to “Risk assessment in air environment”. He is also involved in several national consensus statements mainly in the field of the occupational cancers. His research work is mainly focused on occupational respiratory diseases and epidemiology, with more than 80 papers in international peer-review journals.

J. Takala (Finland), M. Guillemin (Switzerland), S. Iavicoli (Italy), D. Moyo (Zimbabwe), M. Hogan (Ireland), L. Godderis (Belgium), A. Lenderink (The Netherlands), M. Sim (Australia), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), Q. Durand-Moreau (France), A. Descatha (France), Y. Roquelaure (France), J. F. Gehanno (France), F. van Dijk (The Netherlands), M. Frings-Dresen (The Netherlands) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Shyam is a senior occupational health expert from India with nearly four decades of professional experience in teaching and practice of occupational health. Shyam has an illustrious academic background with MBBS/MD degrees from India and Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health and Development from National Institute of Working Life, Sweden.
Currently, Shyam is working as Senior OH Specialist and Adjunct Professor at Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar (University) India. He started his career as medical teacher at Nagpur University and has worked in leading manufacturing companies in India as Occupational Health. His major stints included IBM (Country Leader for India, Integrated Health Services) and Reliance Industries (Vice President, Medical & Occupational Health) in India. Shyam has won several awards including the prestigious Sir ADM Oration. He was President, Indian Association of Occupational Health (2009-2011). Shyam is active in ICOH being Chair, Scientific Committee on Occupational Health and Development (2009-2015).

R. Rajesh (India), G. Kulkarni (India), D. Andhare (India), R. Facci (Brazil), S. Iavicoli (Italy), G. van der Laan (The Netherlands), F. M. Fischer (Brazil), D. Moyo (Zimbabwe), C. Taboadela (Argentina), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), S. Leka (United Kingdom), M. Sim (Australia), M. Hogan (Ireland), J. Takala (Finland), K. Kogi (Japan) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Louwna Pretorius is employed as the National Occupational Health Services (Safety, Health, and Environmental) Manager at Corobrik, Pty (Ltd), Edenvale, South Africa.
She obtained a B. Soc. Sc. Hon. Degree (General / Midwifery/ Psychiatry) from the University of the Free State and completed additional qualifications in Community Health Nursing, Nursing Education, Occupational Health Nursing and Health Services management.
She has been actively involved in the industry for the past 30+ years. Her main responsibilities include facilitation of learning, auditing and consulting on Occupational Safety / Health/ Environment as part of an integrated SHE approach. (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001).
She represents SASOHN as president (1999-2002) served at SCOHN executive (secretary/ vice chairperson & chairperson 2009- 2015).She was a member to the SA Nursing Council (2003 - 2008) and is a founder member of ANSA.(Academy of Nursing South Africa).

S. Iavicoli (Italy), K. Nishida (Japan), C. Nogueira (South Africa), D. Kocks (South Africa), M. Fingerhut (USA), K. Davies (South Africa), S. Randolph (USA), S. K. Kang (Republic of Korea), H. Hirdi (Hungary), K. Lappalainen (Finland), R. Facci (Brazil), M. Bubas (Croatia).


Curriculum Vitae
Kari Reijula, MD, PhD, Professor acts as the professor in occupational health at the Medical Faculty, Helsinki University, and also as a research professor at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki. He is specialist in occupational health. He has acted as the professor of occupational health at the Tampere University and a visiting professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, USA.
Prof Reijula has worked at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health since 1986. He was the director of regional institute in Helsinki in 2000-05, and the director of the Indoor Environment Quality - theme (2006-2014).
Prof. Reijula has published over 220 peer-reviewed scientific articles and over 200 other scientific articles mainly on the topic of occupational medicine and health.
Prof. Reijula is now member of the ICOH Board. He has previously acted as the secretary of the ICOH WG on Occupational Infectious Agents (OIA).

J. Rantanen (Finland), S. Lehtinen (Finland), H. Rintamäki (Finland), E. Helaskoski (Finland), H. Suojalehto (Finland), A. Lamminpää (Finland), J. Uitti (Finland), K. Räsänen (Finland), J. Heikkinen (Finland), K. Savolainen (Finland), I. Iavicoli (Italy), F. Gobba (Italy), T. Leino (Finland), J. Vuori (Finland), R. Sauni (Finland) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Marc Schenker, MD, MPH is a Distinguished Professor of Public Health Sciences and Medicine at the UC Davis School of Medicine. He has over 30 years of experience in occupational medicine and public health research, teaching and public service. Dr. Schenker is the founding and current director of the Davis Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety, and the Migration and Health Research Center.
His specialty is occupational and environmental disease, with a focus on respiratory and reproductive health. Dr. Schenker also conducts epidemiologic research and public policy advocacy on the health of global migrant populations with a particular focus on farmworkers and occupational disease. He has published over 200 scientific manuscripts and six textbooks and has received numerous awards for his work. He is a longstanding member of EPICOH and has served consecutive terms on its management board.

M. Fingerhut (USA), F.M. Fischer (Brazil), P. C. Chen (Taiwan, China), M. Sim (Australia), R. Vermeulen (The Netherlands), J. Takala (Finland), L. Fritschi (Australia), L. Stayner (USA), Y. S. Samant (Norway), J. Rodriguez-Guzman (USA), E. Enriquez (Mexico).


Curriculum Vitae
I am an epidemiologist (Ph.D.) with training in toxicology and genetics and health planning. I am a Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology. Currently I serve as the Director of the NIOSH Education and Information Division and co-manager of the Nanotechnology Research Center. I also have been chair of the ICOH Scientific Committee on Nanomaterial Workers’ Health since 2012. Much of my working life has been with occupational cancer research and biomarkers. I was the co-editor of the book “Molecular Epidemiology: Principles and Practices.” After that I have been involved with quantitative risk assessment and research to policy efforts developing occupational exposure limits. Most recently I have been focusing on translation research and developing concepts of workforce well-being.

J. Takala (Finland), S. Iavicoli (Italy), M. Fingerhut (USA), A. Jain (United Kingdom), D. Gagliardi (Italy), J. Rantanen (Finland), S. Lehtinen (Finland), T. C. Morata (USA), L. Stayner (USA), R. Sauni (Finland), M. Kitt (USA), J. Heikkinen (Finland), K. Savolainen (Finland), B. Rogers (USA), L. Newman (USA) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Graduated in Nursing, graduated from the Faculty of Nursing of the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia; Specialist in Occupational Health. Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management. Diploma in Management in Nursing Services. Certified as a CAOHC Hearing Conservationist. Currently studying the Diploma of Safety and Health Auditing in the workplace.
Teacher of the Specialty in Occupational Health of the Faculty of Nursing, Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia. Professional experience for more than 8 years in the area of Occupational Health.
Speaker and moderator of various Occupational Health Congresses.
Member of the Peruvian Association of Occupational Safety and Health Nurses (APESSO).
Currently Coordinator of Occupational Health in International Clinic and Teacher of Practice in the Occupational Health Specialty of the Faculty of Nursing at the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia.

J. Takala (Finland), C. Nogueira (South Africa), R. Orford (USA), A. Monroy (Peru), S. Horie (Japan), R. M. Orriols Ramos (Spain), M. Fingerhut (USA), M. Ramos Flores (Peru), G. A. Rosal (Spain), A. V. Aparicio (Peru), D. Barnaby (Peru), K. Kogi (Japan).

Francesco Saverio VIOLANTE – ITALY

Curriculum Vitae
Born in 1955, I am professor of Occupational Medicine and, for the time being, President of the Italian Society of Occupational Medicine, founded in 1929, which actually counts approximately 2.000 members in good standing. Besides being a researcher and a teacher in Occupational Medicine, I am also an active occupational physician working with healthcare, manufacturing and service organizations, both public and private.
I believe that Occupational Medicine needs everywhere a strong international perspective and this is the reason why I think that every occupational physician, in every country, should consider the membership of ICOH in the same way as the membership of the national society of Occupational Medicine.
If elected as an ICOH officer, I think that my commitment can be instrumental in strengthening the bonds between ICOH and national societies of Occupational Medicine, to extend the adoption of the ICOH vision at a global level.

S. Iavicoli (Italy), A. Cristaudo (Italy), P. Sartorelli (Italy), P. Kuijer (The Netherlands), D. Gagliardi (Italy), B. Persechino (Italy), S. Mattioli (Italy), G. De Palma (Italy), I. Iavicoli (Italy), F. Gobba (Italy), M. Valsiglio (Italy), P. Zamparelli (Italy), F. Larese Filon (Italy), M. Dell’Omo (Italy), C. Colosio (Italy) and others.


Curriculum Vitae
Date of birth 6/10/1962
1983-1990 Studied medicine at the University of Heidelberg
1990 Doctor in Heidelberg, Scarborough (Great Britain) and research assistant at the Institute for Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
since 2012 Manager of BG BAU’s Occupational Health and Safety Service
Further Qualifications and activities:
Hospital administrator (VWA)
Additional title “preventative medicine” 2014
Psychosomatic primary care for occupational physicians 2012
Occupational health management 2011
Occupational health and safety systems manager (DGQ) 2009
Vice president of the German Association of Company Doctors
IPA advisory board member
Working Group 4.1 of The German Statutory Accident Insurance (occupational health work)
Advisory board member of the Kobra project (BAuA)
Member of the occupational health committee (BMAS)
Ambassador for ‘fit for work’ Germany
Advisory board member for the Federal Ministry of Health, BZGA diabetes public awareness campaign

S. Iavicoli (Italy), H.M. Hasselhorn (Germany), B. Persechino (Italy), D. Gagliardi (Italy), M. Frei (Germany), S. Mattioli (Italy), P. Angerer (Germany), J. Rantanen (Finland), S. Lehtinen (Finland), M. Ertel (Germany).


Curriculum Vitae
Maged Younes holds a PhD in Biochemistry/Physiological Chemistry from the University of Tübingen, Germany, and a degree of Dr. habil. in Toxicology & Biochemical Pharmacology from the Medical University of Lübeck, Germany. Following an academic career as a researcher and Professor of Toxicology and Biochemical Pharmacology, he worked at the World Health Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme. At WHO and UNEP, he managed and directed various technical and policy programmes (chemical safety, environmental health, environmental conventions, governance and external relations, and food safety and zoonoses). Since his retirement, he works as Independent International Expert, Global Public Health. He is currently a Panel Member and Chair of various Working Groups of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), a Visiting Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health and Sustainability, Robert-Gordon University, Aberdeen, and a Professor of Public Health/Environmental Health at IACP in Rome. He has more than 180 publications.

S. Iavicoli (Italy), J. Takala (Finland), E. Kortum (Switzerland), K. Rydzynski (Poland), M. Manno (Italy), S. Leka (United Kingdom), M. Guillemin (Switzerland), K. Savolainen (Finland), M. Dollard (Australia), G. Nordberg (Sweden), K. Jones (United Kingdom), M. Beth-Hübner (Germany), A. Jain (United Kingdom).


Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Min ZHANG has established connection with ICOH for over 15 years; she spared no effort to ICOH related activities, to widen influence of ICOH and to strengthen interaction with ICOH:
1. As a core expert, worked closely with ICOH board members since 2011, particularly, EU-China Project in High Risk Sectors, global work on OH in particular in developing diagnostic and exposure criteria and ICD11 for OD coordinated by ILO and WHO.
2. Promoted application and Chinese translation for the Guidelines for Occupational Medical Examinations advocated by ICOH with DGUV.
3.Built national network on OH for health care workers relate to ICOH Scientific Committee, collaborated with international organizations include ILO, WHO.
4. Implemented activities in China related to BOHS advocated by ICOH, to increase BOHS coverage in China, international tool-kits of BOHS have been researched and introduction.
5. Organized Chinese participants in ICOH Congress 2015 and other events.

J. Rantanen (Finland), S. Iavicoli (Italy), S. Lehtinen (Finland), R. Sauni (Finland), G. van der Laan (The Netherlands), M. Fingerhut (USA), H. Fu (P. R. China), X. Hu (P. R. China), Z. Wang (P. R. China), C. Colosio (Italy), J. Heikkinen (Finland), J. Dai (P. R. China), G. Zheng (P. R. China), K. Kogi (Japan).