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ICOH Newsletter - Volume 22 - Number 1 – March 2024

Message from the Editor

Dear ICOH members,

This is the first Newsletter of 2024 and the last for the Triennium 2022-2024. I appreciate all the members who contribute and are interested in the Newsletter.

You can find many interesting news in the OSH field all over the world. Joint international symposiums help us better understand our current knowledge of workers’ health. Regional or domestic events and activities of the sustaining members, as well as international congresses, also catch our attention.

We are considering a new corner to facilitate discussion about hot topics. Members can criticize a particular issue or suggest an action, based on scientific evidence. It will be noticed for the upcoming issue.

I look forward to meeting you in Marrakesh.

Prof. Won-Jun Choi
Editor-in-Chief, ICOH Newsletter

The editorial planning of the ICOH Newsletter

The editorial plans for the remainder of 2023 are as follows:

  • Number 1: 1st April
    (deadline for article submission: end of February)
  • Number 2: 1st August
    (deadline for article submission: end of June)
  • Number 3: 1st December
    (deadline for article submission: end of October)