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ICOH newsletter - Volume XIX - Number 3 – December 2021 - ISSN 1795-0260

Message from the Editor

Dear ICOH Members,
We are still witnessing our communities and occupationalhealth and safety being threatened by COVID-19. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that passion and efforts of ICOH members encourage one another. In this issue, we don't have much news as not long has been passed since we published the latest issue. The forthcoming ICOH 2022 will be hosted on-line, but it would make the event more vibrant and active when it comes to communication and exchanges among ICOH members. I hope we would have performance from the next ICOH Congress in our next issue.
Since December 2015, I have been with you as the Editor-in-Chief of ICOH Newsletter for the last 6 years. While publishing 19 newsletters, I spent time feeling the trends of occupational health around the world and the activities of our members with the active support and response of ICOH members.
I was so excited every time I witnessed that the vivid activities of the National secretary and the creative meetings of the Scientific committees were able to reach the ICOH members through the newsletter. In particular, the memory of many members voluntarily gathering information, small or big, to help each other while overcoming the COVID-19 crises really impressed me and is still touching my heart.
Nowadays, along with ICOH, ICOH newsletters also face another challenge and change. As the times and missions change, the goals and format of the newsletter will have to evolve as well. ICOH Newsletter towards this goal will require editors with a fresh perspective.
With this number, I will finish my role as an Editor-in-Chief, and now I will return as one of the contributors to our newsletter. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to our colleagues and members who have helped to publish the newsletters.

Thank you.

Eun-A Kim
Editor-in-Chief, ICOH Newsletter