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ICOH newsletter - Volume XX - Number 1 - May 2022 - ISSN 1795-0260

Message from the Editor

Dear ICOH members,
From the current issue, I will serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the ICOH Newsletter. My name is Won-Jun Choi, and I am a medical doctor and professor at Gachon University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea. It is my honor to hold this position, and I am very happy to share news from all around the world with our members. I would like to express my gratitude to Eun-A Kim, the former Editor-in-Chief, and the members of the editorial office for their hard work over the past seven years. Also, I would like to thank Alexis Descatha and his colleagues for the French translation.
In the current issue, you can find a report on the ICOH2022 Congress and Members’ Activities. The ICOH Newsletter is always open to all members. Please share interesting stories with other members. The ICOH Newsletter will only be published in the electronic version from this issue. The newsletter will be sent via e-mail, so please ensure that your e-mail address is correct. Please make any changes to your e-mail address(es) by communicating with the Editorial Office ( [OR] or the ICOH Secretariat ( Also, you can change your e-mail address directly, using the Private Area of the website. The newsletter can also be accessed through the ICOH website (
Although the pandemic is slowly fading away, many people around the world are still suffering from COVID-19 and related problems. We wish the best for the safety and health of our members and the workers.

Prof. Won-Jun Choi
Editor-in-Chief, ICOH Newsletter

The editorial planning of the ICOH Newsletter

The editorial plans for the remainder of 2022 are as follows:
Number 2: 1st August
(deadline for article submission: end of June)
Number 3: 1st December
(deadline for article submission: end of October)