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The International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) is an international non-governmental professional society whose aims are to foster the scientific progress, knowledge and development of occupational health and safety in all its aspects. It was founded in 1906 in Milan as the Permanent Commission on Occupational Health.
Today, ICOH is the world's leading international scientific society in the field of occupational health with a membership of 2,000 professionals from 93 countries.

The ICOH is recognised by the United Nations as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and has close working relationships with ILO, WHO, UNEP and ISSA. Its official languages are English and French.


The most visible activities of ICOH are the triennial World Congresses on Occupational Health, which are usually attended by some 3,000 participants. The 2000 Congress was held in Singapore, the 2003 Congress in Iguassu Falls (Brazil), and the 2006 Centennial Congress was held in Milan, (Italy). The 2009 Congress is scheduled in Cape Town (South Africa) while the 2012 Congress venue shall be Monterrey (Mexico). ICOH has 33 Scientific Committees. Most of these committees have regular symposia, scientific monographs and review the abstracts submitted to the International Congresses.

To be able to serve the ICOH members in the most accurate way several Task Groups have been established: a Finance Committee, a Transparency Group, Task Groups on Information, Membership Fees and Benefits, Centennial Committee, Constitution Bye-laws and Guidelines and on Language Matters. Two new working groups have been established on Biological Agents and Infectious diseases and Women and Work.

At the General Assembly of the ICOH Congress 2006 held in Milan, the President highlighted the overriding importance of permanent training and education of experts in order to face the rapidly changing world of work, the need to develop occupational health services throughout the world (including the development and dissemination of basic occupational health services - BOHS), the importance of creating BOHS guidelines, tools, training, and pilot projects and the intention of making a global survey on the OHS situation in ICOH member countries. Cooperation with WHO, ILO and other NGO partners is among the priorities of the current ICOH Strategy.


La Commission Internationale de la Santé au Travail (CIST) est une organisation internationale sans but lucratif, apolitique, scientifique multidisciplinaire, dont le seul objectif est d'encourager le progrès scientifique, la connaissance et le dévelopment de la santé au travail et des sujets qui s'y rapportent, sur une base internationale.

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